Health Programs
We operate many vial programs, participate in
coalitions, and hold several special events throughout
the year. The following is a partial listing.
Our health programs are focused on healthy lifestyles,
disease prevention and management. We also look to
the future by collaborating on research projects.
Promotores de Salud (Health Promoters)
The community health promoters program is one of the central and
distinctive programs at CCJD. In this program local residents are
trained by the Chicago Department of Public Health, the Red Cross,
Michael Reese, UIC, Mujeres Latinas en Accion, Chicago Family
Health Center, the American Lung Association, and many others to
understand the health problems prevalent in South Chicago, such as
diabetes, HIV/AIDS, asthma, prenatal care, breast cancer and more.
They then take this information, implement it in their own lives and
share it by giving presentations in the community.
Una Visita Cuenta (A Visit Counts)
Health Promoters who complete their certifications can then become
part of the
Una Visita Cuenta program. They make appointments
and visit fellow residents at their homes and share their knowledge
through presentations and informal conversation. This program has
been succeeding though out the years in bringing the community
health promoter model to our urban setting. These visits keep us in
touch with the community and help us to proactively identify many
HIV/AIDS Prevention
This program promotes HIV/AIDS prevention
specifically targeted at Hispanic women, young
adults, and the
community. We work specifically at breaking he
cultural barriers to effective HIV/AIDS education
and prevention.
We offer classes for individuals with diabetes and
those at risk for Type II Diabetes, as well as blood
glucose testing and body at percentage testing.
This disease is very prevalent in the Latino