The LIHEAP/PIPP program will begin in
September for seniors, disabilities and
disconnected households.

October will begin households with
children under the age of 6.

November will begin the program for the
general public.

What you need to apply:
  • Social security cards for everyone in
    the house
  • Income for the last 30 days
  • Gas and light bill (most recent)
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Una Visita Cuenta/ A Visit Counts

One of the programs that we offer are our Home Health Visits. This is the only project in
the area that reaches African American, Latina, and Haitian women through visits in their
homes. Most traditional services wait for individuals to come to their sites to request
services-a problem when most people in the community are not even aware of their
existence. Our program was developed to provide the people access to available services
and to work together with health providers to improve existing services and to create new
ones where needed.

If you are interested and would like more information or schedule a visit please feel free to
contact us.
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